Book Reviews

Book Reviews by David Harley

Most of David Harley’s  book reviews have appeared in Virus Bulletin and are listed along with his other VB articles here.

There’s also a review for Virus Bulletin of Michael Miller’s book “Is it safe?” called “Never Mind Having Fun: Are We Safe Yet?” on the ESET white papers page.*         

Here are some uncommissioned reviews of useful books that have hit our radar. One is a book by Mark Barber on the subject of urban legends.

The next is a book by Michael Miller on Wireless Networking on Windows VistaTM.

Unless otherwise stated, copyright to all reviews remains with the author, David Harley.

By kind permission of Virus Bulletin here are some reviews they commissioned.

David Harley, “War of the Words and I Spy“, September 2006, Virus Bulletin*. These articles are reviews of two Syngress books.

  1. “War of the Words” is a review of Robert Slade’s “Dictionary of Information Security.”
  2. “I Spy” is a review of “Combating Spyware in the Enterprise” by Baskin, Bradley, Caruso, Faircloth, James, Piccard, & Schiller.

David Harley, “Phish Fingering’’, July 2006, Virus Bulletin*. This is a review of the book “Phishing Exposed“, by Lance James, published by Syngress.

*Copyright is held by Virus Bulletin Ltd., but is made available on this site for personal use free of charge by permission of Virus Bulletin.


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