A Musical Interlude

After only 20 years (well, nearly) of being connected to the Internet, I’ve finally got around to making some music available that I recorded in the 80s (I did sell some copies at the time, so this isn’t completely unheard stuff). Although this is studio recorded stuff, I don’t have access to the master tapes, so these tracks are taken from cassettes. Still, they sound better than I expected through decent headphones.

Three tracks are from an unreleased album made with Bob Theil, Don MacLeod, Bob Cairns, and Pat Orchard. There are also a handful of tracks from “Sheer Bravado” (more to come) and, eventually, there’ll be more  from “Scriptwrecked”. There will also be some more recent stuff eventually: I’ve got some BOSS recording kit that I’m dying to do more work with.

The relevant page on the main Small Blue-Green World site is here.


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