Mac Malware

You may be aware that I have a long-standing love/hate relationship with the Mac community (love Macs, hate the maulings I get whenever I comment on Mac security: somehow I keep forgetting that Macs are 100% secure and Mac users are 100% more intelligent that Windows users. Sigh…)

If you have an interest in Mac issues, you might find my Securiteam blog interesting. Or not.


2 thoughts on “Mac Malware

  1. Since I subscribe to that as well, I had already read your article, but it’s good to see you posting here as well. And, as you know, I completely agree. I noticed this evening, on F-Secure’s blog, that the variants are now in the double character range (.aa, .bb., etc.)

    Can’t be long before start seeing some results from all this activity as well as the attendant excuse-making. 😦

  2. Thanks, Paul. What is comforting, though, is that while there’s been a certain amount of the usual abuse, hysteria and downright psychotic denial, there’s been quite a lot of rational discussion and assessment of the risks from the Mac side, while the security industry have, if anything, understated the seriousness of the potential, rather than hyping it up. I don’t have a good feeling about crim interest in Mac users, but it’s possible that we won’t see so much of the mac-users-as-Typhoid-Mary syndrome we saw in the mid-90s when macro viruses ruled. He said, crossing his fingers…

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