About Us

Small Blue-Green World is a small publishing venture working with leading IT security specialists and professionals, mainstream publishing houses and technical authors to educate and inform the public and those involved in IT security in the enterprise as regards best practice.

David Harley is the CEO and launched Small Blue-Green World in April 2006. when he left  the UK’s National Health Service in order to focus on writing, publishing and consultancy.

David has been researching and writing about malicious software and other security issues since the end of the 1980s. While specializing in virus and email abuse management, he also holds qualifications in general security management, service management (ITIL), security auditing and medical informatics. He was formerly manager of the National Health Service’s Threat Assessment Centre.

David is a prolific author, and an experienced technical and general editor, reviewer and proofreader. He is the main author and editor of the “AVIEN Malware Defense Guide” – published by Syngress in 2007 – and joint author (with Robert Slade and Urs Gattiker) of “Viruses Revealed”, published by Osborne in 2001, and he has contributed  security related chapters to many other books on security and education for publishers such as Wiley, Pearson and Vieweg, as well as a multitude of specialist articles and conference papers. He is a former director of AMTSO (the Anti-malware Testing Standards Organization), and now runs an independent blog site focused on independent commentary on security product testing. He also administers the MAC Virus web site.

He joined the Research team at anti-malware vendor ESET North America in 2008 where he currently holds the title of Senior Research Fellow.

His verse has also been widely published, and he has a healthy back catalogue of conference papers, articles etc.


This is the new, revamped, official Small Blue-Green World site, maintained by David and Judith Harley. The photograph used as the site banner shows a village in North Wales (somewhere near Aberdovey, as far as we remember), and the site’s name comes from the Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, by the late and much-missed Douglas Adams.

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